York Univeristy Amnesty Group invited Yasmin Khan, the War on Want country campaigner for Palestine, to speak on the current issues plaguing the Occupied Palestinian Territories, what War on Want and related organisations are doing to help, and how you can get involved in putting a stop to the endless human rights abuses in the West Bank.

Wednesday 12th May, University of York

Human Rights Conference

A day of top-flight speakers for this Centre for Applied Human Rights conference held on 6th May at Heslington Hall, University of York

On Wednesday 5th may Rahab Maina, human rights defender from Kenya, spoke about her long fight for the rights of exploited workers on Kenyan farms supplying fruit 'n flowers to Tesco's, Sainsbury's and the rest.

Swap for Amnesty

Fresh from the London Marathon, Jo Armitage held a fund-raising party for Amnesty on Sunday May 2nd 2010 at Kennedy's. She invited the good people of York to bring books, clothes, DVDs to swap with others for a small fee.