In Words & Pictures: letters to Pocklington from Death Row

For over ten years, Dorothy Nott, a solicitor living in East Yorkshire has corresponded with Robert Butts, a prisoner on Death Row.

‘Nottie’, as Dorothy is affectionately termed, is a lawyer, who has practised in legal aid and worked as a deputy-judge for many years. In contrast, Robert grew up in poverty. His father was paranoid schizophrenic and his mother a drug addict. Consequently, despite being clearly intelligent, Robert struggled at school.

Through their correspondence and a shared love of art, Robert and Nottie have found a common language. Art has enabled Robert to transcend the prison walls and his letters have taught Nottie what can be achieved when you have a passion for art and the capacity for positive thinking.

Robert Butts’s work and the work of Human Writes was on display at Beverley Art Gallery from Feb 8th until 9th April 2011.